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We’re a trusted and reliable Australian provider of solutions for steam, air and hot water for industry.
We take pride in knowing what our customers need and how we can help. We know that even small reductions in production efficiency can translate into big costs. That’s why we are committed to providing cost-effective, technically correct solutions that will increase productivity, save energy and ensure that safety is the highest priority.
Here are just a few of the industries we regularly work in. Please contact customer support for more information or to discuss a customised solution for your particular application

Food and Beverage

We work with the major food processors to design and maintain highly efficient hot water production and steam systems for food and beverage processing that maximize quality, and productivity.


Armstrong Flow Control makes products such as our Emech® Digital Control Valve for hot water delivered immediately on demand, and maintained at precision temperatures (+/-1°F, +/-0.5°C).

Commercial Laundries

Armstrong Flow control helps commercial laundries reduce the vast quantities of energy wasted due to poor condensate recovery. Condensate recovery allows you to use all of the valuable Enthalpy within the steam system.


As a stand-alone Digital Recirculating Valve or a pre-piped digital mixing center, The Brain® improves the performance of hot water systems that use all types of water heating technologies.


Our thermostatic, electronic and digital technology can help hospitals deliver precise mixed water temperature control for greater consistency and reduced risk of water-borne bacteria such as legionella.

Oil and Gas

With our vast industry experience and complete product offering you will see why customers turn to Armstrong Flow Control to help them operate more efficiently and reduce the cost of operation.

Pulp and Paper

Sophisticated systems that ensure consistent high-quality dry steam for your mill’s pulping and drying operations.


Advanced systems with digital control technology and instantaneous heat exchanger design, shell and tube or plate and frame. Armstrong Flow Control solutions are the ideal choice for a broad range of hot water applications for chemical production.


Humidity exerts a powerful influence on environmental and physiological factors, so levels that are too high or too low can produce an uncomfortable atmosphere, as well as costly production problems, material deterioration and even dangerous issues.