Steam Trap Surveys

Typically, 10%-15% of steam traps fail every 12 months. So it makes sense & practice to regularly check your steam traps performance. We recommend annual testing of all your steam traps. Energy costs continue to increase as does awareness of how important steam trap maintenance is to conserving energy and saving dollars. But awareness is […]


Our Brisbane facilities are also fully set up to test, refurbish, set, and certify safety relief and control valves. Our testing facilities operate in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards for safety relief valves. We use the latest testing methods with up-to-date technology and our service technicians are regularly audited to ensure they are testing […]


Based in Brisbane, Armstrong Flow Control has it’s own inhouse design, fabrication and testing facilities to custom manufacture specialised valves / assemblies to specific customer requirements. Our workshop facilities include equipment for general machining such as turning, milling and drilling by fully experienced tradespeople and qualified engineers. Some repairs are undertaken of our agency line […]

Design Services

We have in-house design capability and specialise in custom packaging to fit your application needs. We also have testing facilities to custom-manufacture valves to your precise specifications — including specialised skid and piping assemblies. Our qualified tradesmen and specialists can rapidly respond to your needs for service, installation and technical assistance. Our extensive workshop facilities […]