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Armstrong International’s motto is “Knowledge not Shared is Energy wasted” this is not just a catch cry but a philosophy which controls how they do business. As Armstrong Flow Control we have adopted this same philosophy aiming to share the local and international knowledge and experience we have to assist in improving the safety, productivity and fuel savings of your plant.

By working together our aim is to provide cost effective, technically correct, engineered solutions that add value to your business.
We trust the following information will be useful and we look forward to welcoming you at one of our training seminars, if you can’t find what you are looking for, please pick up the phone and have a chat with one of the team, we are here to help.

Armstrong recognizes the need to train the people who will be teaching others about the value of steam. In-house trainers are encouraged to avail themselves of the resources offered by Armstrong to make training programs effective and productive.

Seminars: One of the most effective means for trainers to learn about steam energy conservation is to attend and participate in Armstrong’s steam energy seminars. Thousands of people have participated in these seminars, held monthly at Armstrong’s demonstration laboratories in Three Rivers, Michigan; Liege, Belgium; and Beijing,

China. These multi-media seminars provide practical experience for trainers, engineers, maintenance personnel and energy managers.


In-house trainers are encouraged to call their Armstrong Representatives as a valuable resource in planning and implementing programs. The Representative can serve as a catalyst in moving your program forward, and virtually all the training aids outlined in this bulletin are available through your Armstrong Representative.

Often, training items may be borrowed from your Representative. He or she may be called on for advice and counsel and may serve as an authoritative resource speaker for your employees.

Continuing Education Aids

“Knowledge not shared is energy wasted® ” is a philosophy of Armstrong, and the company is dedicated to the premise of sharing knowledge on a continuing basis. Furthermore, knowledge not applied is knowledge wasted. For example, a person may learn the techniques of testing steam traps in a classroom setting, but if it is not applied, the skill is quickly lost. Following are some training aids involving hands-on experience that are useful on a day-to-day basis.

Reprints: Sharpen Trap Testing Skills to Save Maintenance Hours and Conserve Energy is a reprint from POWER Magazine. It was authored by Armstrong’s technical staff, including engineers and research staff members. It stresses the importance of individual training and plenty of practical experience. The article also includes a copy of the steam trap testing flow chart.

Flow Chart: The flow chart poster can help guide a person through logical steps of diagnosing a trap’s performance. It lists a number of conditions to look for and identifies steam system conditions that impact on troubleshooting steam traps, regardless of the type. $

Bulletin No. 310: Steam Trap Testing Guide for Energy Conservation is a small, shirt-pocket guide loaded with tips for effectively testing all types of steam traps. This step-bystep testing guide gives helpful hints on how to test traps by the sound method.

Bulletin No. 301: Service Guide is a 36-page handbook and fits easily into a pocket for on-the-job reference relating to inverted bucket steam traps. It contains valuable information ranging from installing traps to inspecting/testing, troubleshooting and a wide range of other helpful tips.

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Interactive Plant and Facility Tours

Take Armstrong’s interactive tour to get an overview of how utility systems function in realistic settings. Navigate through a typical food plant, a pharmaceutical facility, many institutional buildings, and a hydrocarbon and chemical processing refinery to learn how solutions and products are applied in each atmosphere.

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