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Armstrong International’s motto is “Knowledge not Shared is Energy wasted” this is not just a catch cry but a philosophy which controls how they do business. As Armstrong Flow Control we have adopted this same philosophy aiming to share the local and international knowledge and experience we have to assist in improving the safety, productivity and fuel savings of your plant.

By working together our aim is to provide cost effective, technically correct, engineered solutions that add value to your business.
We trust the following information will be useful and we look forward to welcoming you at one of our training seminars, if you can’t find what you are looking for, please pick up the phone and have a chat with one of the team, we are here to help.

At Armstrong, “Knowledge Not Shared Is Energy Wasted® ” has been a theme and a way of life for years. For us, it’s how we go about our business, how we build relationships with customers and solve problems—both inside and outside the company.

For you, it’s a promise. It’s our pledge to use what we know to make your business more efficient, more profitable and more rewarding. In many ways, Armstrong University is the capstone for a tradition of knowledge-sharing.

It is certainly the most ambitious and comprehensive effort we’ve ever undertaken. That’s why we’re using “Knowledge Not Shared Is Energy Wasted” as both a motto and a statement of purpose for Armstrong University.

Whether you prefer to learn online or by participating in a seminar at one of our worldwide, fully equipped global learning centers, you’re encouraged to enroll today.

Earn CEUs once you’ve completed Armstrong University!

• The Continuing Education Unit (CEU) is a nationally recognized standard for assessing the time spent in educational, professional development, or training activities.

• Armstrong in partnership with Kalamazoo Valley Community College’s Michigan Technical Education Center (M-TEC) is proud to advise you that Armstrong University courses deliver training that carries CEUs from an accredited institution of higher education.

Check out what else you can do on the AU Campus:

• Enroll in “Undergraduate” and “Graduate” courses that lead you through theory and system operation, installation, and maintenance. Pay close attention; there is a quiz after each course!

• Access and learn via our vast library of video, animation and technical information.

• Explore Armstrong’s unparalleled information library using our search engine.

• Use online calculators to determine steam loss, fl ash steam and annual savings by returning condensate.

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