Armstrong University Energy Seminar


Armstrong International’s motto is “Knowledge not Shared is Energy wasted” this is not just a catch cry but a philosophy which controls how they do business. As Armstrong Flow Control we have adopted this same philosophy aiming to share the local and international knowledge and experience we have to assist in improving the safety, productivity and fuel savings of your plant.

By working together our aim is to provide cost effective, technically correct, engineered solutions that add value to your business.
We trust the following information will be useful and we look forward to welcoming you at one of our training seminars, if you can’t find what you are looking for, please pick up the phone and have a chat with one of the team, we are here to help.

Knowledge Not Shared Is Energy Wasted®

Since Armstrong designed and manufactured its first steam trap in 1911, we’ve solved virtually every imaginable problem in steam trapping and steam humidification. In the process we’ve accumulated a substantial body of information. It’s practical know-how, not just theory. And for years we’ve shared this knowledge with anyone interested. We go to great lengths to share what we know because we’re convinced that this kind of interaction is the best way to solve problems, meet individual needs and maximize the return on your energy investment.

Steam Energy Seminars are held at Armstrong’s manufacturing headquarters in Three Rivers, Michigan. Armstrong also operates seminar facilities in Liege, Belgium, and Beijing, China.

All three facilities are fully equipped training centres. With the help of sophisticated sound and projection equipment and an elaborate working model of a steam system with live steam and glass piping, you’ll see how different types of steam traps perform under various conditions.

Starting With the Basics

At an Armstrong University Energy Seminar, you’ll learn how to cash in on long-term labor, material and energy savings. Starting with the basics, you’ll review the fundamentals of steam.

Your Armstrong instructors have both the technical background and the field experience to make information relevant. Understandable. With their help, you’ll walk step-by-step through the installation, operating/energy characteristics and maintenance of all kinds of steam traps.

Sessions are informal, with plenty of chances to participate and ask pointed, specific questions. (If you desire, a presentation can be tailored to your specific needs.) You’ll also be able to listen to the questions and problems of others in the industry and discuss how their solutions may benefit your steam system.

At Armstrong University, there’s no pressure selling. Basic information is presented honestly. And the demonstrations peak for themselves.

Applying Know-How

When you come to Armstrong University, you’ll see firsthand the importance of trap selection and sizing—and why savings begin with proper installation and integration of steam system components.

You will also examine how steam trap selection, sizing and installation bear on energy consumption, downtime and maintenance. What’s more, you’ll review the guidelines for trapping steam distribution systems, tracer lines and various types of heating, process and heat exchange equipment.

In short, you’ll learn about savings. Not as some loosely defined goal, but as hard, no-nonsense gains you can measure on a year-end chart.

Topics such as corrosion, water hammer and thermal stress will be discussed. And because each seminar can be tailored to your specific interests, special topics of individual concern may also be covered. Tell us what you want to know, and we’ll emphasize it for you.

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