Boiler Instrumentation

Continuous TDS Controlling – EL18/EL22/EL23 + ASV2

TDS Boiler Control with Continuous Boiler Blow down using TDS monitoring and HASV Modulating Bolwdown Valve EL18:  Flange arrangement Conductivity Probe EL22: Horizontal Insertion with Takeoff Tee Piece (500mm) EL23: Angular Insertion into Boiler Water Controllers: FAR1:  Conductivity Sensing with 4-20mA Output KS40: Set point control and deadband

EL912/EL913 – Water Level Control & Water Level Limiter

Multi Tipped Level Probe for LLW Limiter and Pump Control For use with DHR1 2 Point (EL912) Water Level & HWL-Alarm Controller For use with DLR1 2 Point (EL912) Water Level & LWL-Alarm Controller EL912 – Two Probe EL913: Three Probe

EL030/EL19-2 – Water Level Limiter

Level Probe for LLW Limiter with safety function to EC-Directive 2014/68/EC For use with SMLC2 Controller EL030 – 32 Bar EL19-2: >32 Bar