Plate Heat Exchanger Packages

Plate Heat Exchanger Packages

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Product Description

Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers are made up of a series of assembled corrugated plates. Between the plates there are two channels with a cold and warm medium (EG: water, steam etc).

These pass on each side of the plates and in opposite direction to each other. The Sondex Product portfolio includes various types of plate heat exchangers and freshwater distillers such as:

• Gasketed

• Semi-welded and fully welded

• Brazed

• Free Flow

• Plate and Shell

• Shell and Tube

• Fresh Water Distillers (FWD)

Armstrong can provide a full range of either brazed plate or gasketted plate type heat exchangers for all hot water generation applications. These can be supplied either as stand alone units or assembled in our own fabrication workshop as skid mounted packages inclusive of all valves and control equipment. Please CONTACT US for further technical assistance.